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April 16, 2018

Wilmington’s 80th Annual Azalea Festival

Heading North to See More of the Old South…

Each year the city of Wilmington,NC opens its arms to embrace tourists for a week long celebration of history, beautiful flowers, art, music, food, spirits & the people who have made & continue to make this Southern City very warm & special. The culmination is a two day touring of unique & historically significant homes through the old town district. Proceeds from the ticket sales benefit historic preservation, education, & advocacy in Wilmington and the region.

The two afternoons we spent touring the homes was delightful both because of the existing owners sharing their personal relationship with each home & also because of the uniqueness of style, furnishings, artwork and collectibles. The tour provided eleven homes to walk through and learn about.

Homes we toured…

Parker-Saunders House
Edward Payson Williams House
Miles Costin House
Daniel-Poissin House
Wolf-Webb House

Our Two Favorites…

Miles Costin House (currently for sale) and the Wolf-Webb House.  Folks are the tour are not allowed to take photos in the homes so these came from existing Google images. A big thank you to all of the photographers who shared with the public. In addition, the last home we toured was owned by an awesome artist. The paper sculptures were truly awe-inspiring.

Next Year We’ll Attend More of the Festivities!