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February 17, 2018

Eating the Rainbow aka “Nutritional Foodies”

Bell-Clemmons Plants Intensive Garden

Several years ago we planted vegetable, spice, flower and fruit gardens at the Bell-Clemmons House. We built numerous raised beds out of reclaimed materials and filled with our carefully prepared soil that was chocked full of nutrients. Our guests currently enjoy the wonderful harvests of an array of fresh flowers, spices, vegetables and fruits throughout the year.

Eating the Rainbow

This year we embark on an additional journey; one that addresses “eating the rainbow.” It will definitely bring out the “little kid” in each of us!!

Health Is Our #1

Both my younger brothers started off 2018 at different ERs due to life threatening/life changing issues. Currently, thanks to prayer and an awesome God, both are in full recovery mode. An awareness of how one single day can change your life, more specifically your health, created an interest in learning the best way to nourish the body.  I found is the main issue is fostering a superior immune system.

Gourmet Breakfast Rainbows

Bell-Clemmons breakfasts consist of a fresh fruit, main dish and dessert. We are incorporating what we are learning about building a strong immune system. Everything prepared uses high quality fresh ingredients. Adding the “eating the rainbow” is important to us!

Guest Comments

We look forward to watching our guests experience the beauty, taste and nutrition of our super-charged gourmet breakfasts! Enjoy a continued blogging (much like our earlier Bell-Clemmons test kitchen) that share the 2018 garden, harvest and new recipes!