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April 22, 2018

Artist In Residence Series @ Bell-Clemmons House

Artist In Residence (AIR) Launches May 2018

The town of Southport and the greater Brunswick Islands are true meccas for artists of all kinds. We are blessed by the folks who move to the area and share their photography, paintings, batiks, metal works, sculptures, and music. Perhaps it’s the serene landscapes, the water, the calmer climates…maybe it’s the slower lifestyles, southern hospitality, sunshine and seafood. Whatever it is, we feel so blessed to be a part of it.

AIR Soft Launch in April 2018

To honor our local artists, we had an “unofficial soft launch” with our first painter in residence: Mr. Donald Hodgin. We met Don & Sue soon after we moved to Southport as they were one of the first in our Cottage Point neighborhood to open their home to all of us “newbies.” This couple is all about southern hospitality at its best, we couldn’t have asked for nicer folks in our community! We knew that Don’s hobby included pottery as it is beautifully displayed throughout the lovely home. What we didn’t know was that Don was also passionate about painting.

Take a look:




Iconic Homes of Southport by Don Hodgin

“When I think of iconic homes in Southport, I particularly think of the ones along Bay Street at the Yacht Basin. When this was known as a fishing village, there were many fishing boats (from Shrimp to Menhadden) side by side across the street waiting for their next successful voyage to the Atlantic.”

Two homes that Don has captured on canvas include Senator Rabon’s home which goes back generations in the Potter family who captained many vessels & the now famous Nicholas Sparks’ “Safe Haven” home. Don shares that he never tires of these scenes. Neither do we! To see more of Don’s wonderful paintings, check out dlhodain.faso.com

Bell-Clemmons House shares a huge thank you to both Don & Sue for their generosity of allowing us to show off his wonderful local art in our home!

More Artists to Come…